Interfaith Classes & Continuing Education

The Interfaith Center offers regular courses on world's religions and different forms of interfaith explorations.


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Spirituality During Pandemic Webinars

A series of panel discussions about the impact of Covid-19 on our religious and spiritual life, the role of God in such hardships, and how to cope with this pandemic.

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Friendship Camp

A weeklong summer camp for 3rd - 6th 

graders fostering friendships and 

providing them religious teaching from 

their own faith while learning about and 

honoring the faith of others.

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Love Thy Neighbor

An interfaith and intergenerational 

celebration of peace for people of all 

faiths to come together through music, 

prayer, and wisdom followed by the 

annual interfaith food festival. 

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Muslim Christian Dialogue

A 4 to 8 week long educational series covering topics such as Jesus, Violence, Women, etc to reduce misunderstandings and increase acceptance between the world's two largest faith traditions despite all differences.


Multi-faith Youth Group

High school youth from different faith 

traditions meeting regularly for healthy 

conversation, relationship building, 

community service and leadership skills.

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Interfaith Fellowship Meals

Facilitated table conversations among 

people from different faith traditions, 

educational remarks from faith leaders, 

music by Interfaith Choir, and a delicious 

meal. All in a safe, healthy, and productive 

environment for listening, learning, and 


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Interfaith Children Choir

A 6 to 8 week interfaith program open to all elementary school children. Campers learn a variety of songs from 

other faiths promoting peace and 


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Common Table

By gathering around a common table and sharing a meal together, we hope to break barriers, build deep connections, and make friends with people of different faiths. Each common table consists of 4-7 families that meet once a month over a shared meal and interfaith conversation.

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