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Created in 2011, as a part of the Institute for Theological Studies at St. Margaret's Episcopal Church in Arkansas, the Interfaith Center's mission is to reduce the hatred and fear among the world's religions. 

We promote interfaith awareness and build bridges among different faith communities by providing educational programs and leadership in times of conflict and need. We provide workshops and teach people how to begin interfaith programming within their own communities and worship centers. 

The Interfaith Center is active in community events including Arkansas Peace Week, Annual Friendship Dialogue Dinner, Just Communities of Arkansas Walk for CommUNITY, and Pilgrimage for Peace. 

Meet The Team

Sophia Said

Sophia Said

Executive Director

Recipient of Humanitarian Award, Peacemaker of the Year, and several other awards, Sophia has been building bridges of interfaith understanding through promoting peaceful dialogue and designing interfaith initiatives in the state of Arkansas for the last several years. She is also the founder of Madina Institute and Mosque which is a full service Islamic center in west Little Rock. 


Rev. Susan Sims Smith

Rev. Susan Sims Smith

Advisory Board Chair

Rev. Sims Smith was a Jungian oriented psychotherapist for 25 years, and has been an Episcopal priest since 1999. She founded Seedwork, a project to teach people how to listen to wisdom from their dreams and from meditation. She spearheaded the foundation of the Arkansas House of Prayer, an interfaith center for prayer and meditation, and serves as a life-time board member. She started the Interfaith Center in 2011. 

Marvin McLennon

Marvin grew up in Little Rock and attended Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas. He spent a year in the Episcopal Service Corps and currently works at Christ Episcopal Church in addition to working at the Interfaith Center. 

Board Members

Jerry Adams,

Hon. Annabelle Imber Tuck,

Rev. Susan Sims Smith,

Rev. Britt Skarda,

Helen Porter,

Dora Jane Flesher,

Dr. Sara Tariq